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Success Stories

Preparing for Rio 2016 or losing 5 stone; my clients successes come in all shapes and sizes.


My Transformation began when i lost my leg in 2002, but I didn’t begin training for my physique until 2012.

I began training using strength and conditioning techniques learnt with team GB, free weights work and daily cardio. to prepare for my first competition I trained 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day in the few weeks immediately preceding the competition. I paid attention to my nutrition for the first time – amazingly during all my sprint training i had never followed a food plan!!. This first competition really taught me the importance of nutrition on performance and recovery.

Louis Rolfe

GB athlete Louis started strength and conditioning training with me to support his cycling training. Louis was born with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus and in September 2016 won both a bronze and gold medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympics

Why did you choose to train with Jonas?

I had heard that Jonas was a single below knee amputee who had been training as a sprinter down at Lee Valley in the run up to the London 2012 games. I was keen to have a personal trainer who understood what training with a disability was like and also knew what I was going through in the lead up to Rio 2016.

What were your aims when you began training?

My aims when I started to train with Jonas were to try and develop as much muscle as I could to help me transfer that muscle into power on the bike.

Jonas has helped me achieve great things in the year that I have been training with him. He has helped me to win a bronze and gold medal at the UCI Paracycling World Championships held in Italy in March 2016.

I have recently returned home from the Paralympic games in Rio. Jonas worked with me in my training leading up to Rio and helped me secure a bronze in the C2 3000 metres pursuit event and a gold in the mixed team sprint event, winning in a world record time.

I look forward to my sessions in the gym with Jonas, he really helps me to focus my training and keeps me motivated. Jonas is great at understanding my goals but also my training pressures and is  a great listening ear too.

Jonas is a positive, open and friendly person and his sessions are fresh and relevant, taking into account what my current goals are. Cheers Jonas !


Niki has been training with me since 2011.

Niki’s desk based job was stressful as well as sedentary, which was all contributing to weight gain and a lack of energy.

He wasn’t confident about using the right technique on his own in the gym and wanted clear guidance to get fitter and transform his body.

Jonas was recommended by a friend, but when I found out he had trained as a Paralympian for Team GB, I thought he must know what he’s doing! Mainly I wanted to get in shape, (lose fat) but once I had achieved that, Jonas made me believe I could go for the beach body I thought wasn’t possible for people like me!
The ultimate achievement has been the change in my physique, but I have learnt so much about myself and what I needed to do to get there. Patience was one of those things I needed and didn’t yet have, but now I have learnt that if I am true to myself and follow a training and nutrition plan with full commitment then I can achieve quite a lot in quite a short space of time. Things can change in 3 weeks, but you can make huge differences in 3 months if you believe and trust in the process.

Dave started training to improve his health –

“I began training with Jonas to help me manage bipolar disorder, without relying on medication. I was desperate to get fitter and healthier, but was so lacking in self-confidence that I couldn’t bear the thought of joining a group or going to the gym. I chose to train with Jonas because I read about his background and how he overcame the obstacles in his life and found it really inspirational. He made me feel completely at ease and showed huge empathy towards my situation.

I have learnt that anything is possible if you’re determined and consistent.
Since I started training with Jonas, I have stopped drinking, stopped smoking, and lost over 5 stone, whilst hugely increasing my strength and fitness. Struggles with my mental illness used to rule my life, but now I’ve regained control. 
Sue and Gerry

Sue and Gerry have been training with me as a pair since 2012. They regularly compete in triathlons and Iron Man competitions. Their training has focused on building strength and endurance as well as nutritional support..

We choose Jonas as he understood how our goals differed from most people’s training needs.

He was able to tailor our training to meet our specific personal goals – endurance and strength – across the 3 triathlon disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.

When we started with Jonas in 2012  our goals were to maintain fitness, improve strength and weight management.

(Gerry) However, in 2014 when my focus became Ironman Austria in 2015 Jonas was able to adapt my training as I wanted to get stronger and faster. In other words, perform better.

(Sue) In 2014 after knee surgery Jonas  personalised my training to build my leg strength back and was great at motivating me to do more than I thought I could. This was key to developing leg strength which enabled me to achieve the goal I set myself of completing Ironman Austria in 2015.

The main things we have learned from Jonas are :-

  1. How to set your goal and stay focused on achieving it.
  2. To be realistic about the time you can devote to achieve your goals.
  3.   How important nutrition is to enable you to train to your full potential
  4.   The healthy way to build muscle and lose body fat



Josh lost his leg in a hit and run accident in August 2014 as well as sustaining other injuries. He started training with me in 2015 having only learnt to walk a few months earlier. In May 2015 he attended a LEAP Fitness Retreat in Ibiza where he swam for the first time since the accident.

Josh trains twice a week and what began as advanced rehabilitation to help with daily living has now become a passion and he is hoping to do a physique competition in the near future.

“I first met Jonas a few months after my accident. He was the first amputee who showed me that my disability didn’t need to be a hindrance. After being in a wheelchair for several months I started training hoping to lose weight and gain strength. His personality and dedication to help me succeed made me stick with my training consistently. With Jonas I have learnt how to maintain a healthy diet as well as how to train considering my strengths and limitations.”