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About us

LEAP Fitness

Live, Eat and Activate to Progress


Is this you?

Hardworking, stressed, under pressure, eating too much junk and not moving enough. Absorbing conflicting information about what you think you should be doing. Too high expectations of what you should be achieving? It is easy to believe that change is impossible.

You may have been told by a professional that you must improve your health, you may have an injury that just won’t get better.

Confused about where to start, you may think it’s too late and with no free time or flexibility, how can you improve your health alone?

lack of confidence or understanding of how train and eat well independently, and with no one to be accountable to, any resolve to start training can quickly disappear.


How you look affects how you feel

When you look good you feel better.

Your appearance is often an indicator of what’s going on inside. Bad skin, an increasing waistline, bags under your eyes, low mood and aches and pains, are indicators that your health is not what it could be.

When (achieved naturally) you look strong and healthy, it is likely that you are strong and healthy.

When you say you want to look better, you want to feel better about yourself too. We guide you to make that happen.

You deserve good health and happiness

Your health is your responsibility and it deserves your attention. In good health you will have the energy to give more of your attention to the important things in your life and to those that love you.

It is never too late to improve your health. Start now.


We can guide you to success

At LEAP Fitness we tackle the four key areas that impact your health – lifestyle, activity, nutrition and mindset, with our LEAP strategy- 

  • Live well – stress, sleep, relaxation
  • Eat and drink for optimum nutrition
  • Activate for strength, energy and stamina
  • Progress with simple, achievable and realistic goals that build confidence and motivation.

Strength, health and happiness cannot be achieved by perfection in just one of these areas, there must be balance in all four.

You will set clear goals with a trainer and using the LEAP strategy we will guide you to success. 

Being accountable to us, you won’t give up. 

We work closely with you beyond your sessions to ensure you are truly making positive changes.

Your sessions in the gym are just the start of your journey to success.

What success looks like

  • Leaner, stronger, healthier, happier
  • Better able to deal with stress
  • More energy to play with children
  • Improved sex drive
  • Better levels of concentration
  • Leaner physical appearance
  • Increased self confidence and self belief
  • Lowered risk of major chronic diseases
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • A body that others envy
  • Stronger sense of contentment with your life

The Team

Jordan Richardson

Cambridge, UK



Training clients from The Park Gym in Cambridge, Jordan is a highly qualified personal trainer, with 12 years’ professional experience, as well as a sporting background in football.

Professional Areas of Interest

As a trainer his areas of interest range from improving mental health through exercise and nutrition; rehabilitation during and after chronic illness and injuries, as well as preparing clients for sporting events and improving physique.

Approach to Training

Jordan is a great motivator and gets to know each client well. His approach is to stretch and challenge, whilst considering the lifestyle and needs of clients, to ensure they have the best possible chance of success.

Training Strategies

Jordan’s strategies reflect his university study, using scientific methods to assess progress and using body type as a way to determine effective techniques.

Jonas Zimnickas

Mallorca, Spain

Founder of LEAP Fitness


Currently working from Alaro, Mallorca, Jonas has over 10 years experience as a trainer and many years as an athlete, competing as a sprinter as part of team GB, competing nationally as a fitness model as well many years playing basketball.


Professional Areas of Interest

Professionally Jonas specialises in total lifestyle transformation, recovery from injury, event preparation, physique, fat loss, and improving body confidence and self esteem.


Approach to Training

Jonas’ training style is supportive, yet challenging. He knows where to stretch you, to push you to become your very best, but has an approach that is encouraging and he is firmly ‘on your team’, not shouting at you.


Training Strategies

Jonas’ strategies are learnt and adapted from the techniques he has used himself, working under experts, such as Olympic coach Dan Pfaff and Natural Lifestylist Tony Riddle.


Languages spoken

English, Lithuanian and Polish