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LEAP Fitness

Stronger, Leaner, Healthier, Happier

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More than just personal training


Expert coaches, with excellent reputations


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Personalised, holistic serviceĀ 

Dad bod getting you down?

Suffering with an injury or pain?

Remember when you used to be fit?

You deserve to be strong, fit, healthy, happy.

Your health is your right and your responsibility

You need a trainer

To get you results

Here we are

How We Will Help You

At LEAP Fitness we believe that you need to

Live well, Eat and Activate to Progress

The process to a better body and health is simple –

  1. Schedule a free consultation
  2. Create a bespoke LEAP plan with your trainer
  3. Execute the plan together, to achieve your goals

Your LEAP plan will consider where you are now, what you can commit to and will tackle your lifestyle, eating and activity.

Our focus is on guiding you to carry out the right actions, consistently, to achieve great results.

Our promise to you –

  1. We work by your side, on your team
  2. We are not a bootcamp and will not be shouting at you
  3. We care about your success, it is our success too
  4. We will challenge you, we will not overwhelm you.
  5. Our sessions will be motivating, challenging and enjoyable.